Az Orbán alapítvány egy regionális szervezet, akik elkötelezettek az életmentésben, a jogvédésben és egy jobb jövő építésében a szükségben levő vagy szüleik által elhagyott, halmozottan sérült gyerekek számára.
The Orban Foundation is a private organization in Romania providing services for children with special needs. We adopted the children with the most severe disabilities in the region who were abandoned by their parents or kept in very hostile circumstances. Our main activity is being a family and creating a heaven of care, education, rehabilitation and free time for our adopted children but also to other 70 children who come to our services from families. We are the only service provider in a 150 km radius offering home and wide range services for children with special needs. We have school, day care, rehabilitation, workshop and counselling besides the home, trying to cover all the aspects of their lives. Our core factor is that we take in the children that no other provider accepts due to the severity of their situation.

Our mission is to offer our services with the most proficiency so the children we care for feel the least possible the consequences of their disabilities. We believe that every person has the right to live in joy surrounded with friends, without needs, without pain and without the need to turn the head down. We believe and value quality life, smile, laughter, joy and education to everyone all the time. We believe in the power of rehabilitation and continuous learning from a very early age and do so with perseverance. Our dream is to prevent as much as possible the children`s disabilities and help the children overcome all their obstacles. We work with great love, faith and passion.

Our experience on the field makes us the best in the region in terms of care, rehabilitation, education, counselling. We worked very hard to become better and better in all we do. Our specialists are continuously studying and have the highest education. We created every aspect of life for children with special needs. In our work we are short in financial resources and sometimes this delays the realization of our needs.

In the last 17 years we set up all the services we would like to provide. In the coming years we are working on perfecting our services, focusing on every detail and moving our rehabilitation center from the rented building to a property we own. We would like to strengthen the property base since we think that until now we worked hard on creating the best services and now we are so stable in every other aspect that we should be stable in properties as well.