The Orbán Foundation is a regional organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for children with multiple disabilities in need or abandoned by their parents.
Children with special educational needs have learning difficulties that makes it harder for them to learn than most children about the same age. Special educational needs may arise from the following areas of disability: physical, sensory, mental health or learning disabilities. The main goal is that these children participate in inclusive education which means that after going to regular school classes for education in the town, they attend our therapy centre where the education aims their individual differences and needs. The various therapies we offer are alligned with their capacity. At the therapy centre we have specialist teaching, individual therapies, monitoring and guidance for the parents.

When a child’s disability does not make inclusive education possible, then they can come to our school, where they receive full education from us with the contribution of our teachers and by following special curriculum. We use differentiated curriculum adjusted to the children's needs and abilities. We aim at offering all everything the children’s needs for a full recovery and a good educational development. We believe that the special educational need does not define the child and during his education they can return to inclusive education as well, meaning that after a period of learning with us, they can go back to regular school and come visiting us only to take part in the therapies.
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