The Orbán Foundation is a regional organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for children with multiple disabilities in need or abandoned by their parents.
When a vulnerable child with disability feels threatened or is in great need, serious knowledge is required, thus they will become part of our family. There might be situations when the families do not have the possibility to care for a disabled child or needs time to get prepared. When someone becomes a member of our family, they will get all our services; education, rehabilitation, special devices, counselling for the families. We help the children’s families at their homes as well, in order they are able to maintain the relationship with their child.

There are cases when the child stays with us from Monday to Friday and then they are taken home in the weekend or every two weeks for a weekend. In such a situation, if there is a chance, we help maintain family contact as much as possible. We support and assist the families to ensure they do not give up on their child and spend the weekends together. When it is possible, children stay from 8 AM until 5 PM just to use our services, or come a couple times a week for ambulatory care including therapies.

There are several children who had left our foundation because they have fully recovered or their situation has become organized. In this mission our biggest preoccupation is to make sure of that the children`s personality is harmonious. We follow the children's well-being and personally discuss the daily issues of their lives with them on a weekly basis. During the years, we have ensure that they develop compassion, have a free spirit and strong personality. They are a real family, developed strong ties and love each other very much. They have a very special attitude towards each other and own a deep inner peace. Seeing them living their lives and interacting with each other is a real joy, a true testimony that we do a great job.
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