The Orbán Foundation is a regional organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for children with multiple disabilities in need or abandoned by their parents.
The Orbán Foundation is a private organization in Romania providing services to children with special needs. During the last eighteen years, we have been taking children with the most severe disabilities in the region being abandoned by their parents or kept in very hostile circumstances into our permanent.

Our mission is being a family and creating a safe haven of care, education, rehabilitation and free time for our adopted children as well as to seventy other kids who come from families to utilize our services. The Orbán Foundation is the only social organisation in a 150 km radius offering home and a wide range of social services for children with special needs.
We operate and provide:
  • home
  • school
  • day-care
  • rehabilitation
  • workshop and
  • counselling.

Besides providing home for children in need, we secure to cover all aspects of life to ensure they receive all they need.

Our core principle is that we take in the children that no other institution does due to the severity of their situation. Children who have arrived to our foundation at the very beginning were the ambushed children of the communist era. They are the ones who were being kept in little hospital beds, well tied to disturb no one or kept in homes never being taken out to the streets by parents. The ones living in institutions were sent from one to another because the personnel was unable to face the complexity of taking care of a child with special needs. We knew about these children and our dream was to relieve them of this humiliating situation. We had photos of them from where they lived and freed them one by one.

Our experience in the field makes us the best in the region in terms of care, rehabilitation, education, and counselling. We have been working very hard to become better and better in everything we do. Our specialists have achieved the highest level of education and are continuously studying still. We have created facilities for children with special needs, by establishing home, school, organizing the day-care and rehabilitation centre.

Since we do not have sufficient funds for all the help we want to provide to these children, necessities have to be delayed at times. The shortage of money slows down our continuous progress. Help us to overcome our obstacles.
Contact us
tel: 00 40 744 248 589
fax: 00 40 266 212 300

Odorheiu Secuiesc 535600
str. Morii nr. 8