The Orbán Foundation is a regional organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for children with multiple disabilities in need or abandoned by their parents.
We are together on this journey where your gift turns into smile, joy and knowledge. We would like to make sure, through all the processes, that you have control so your contribution will be used for the project of your choice. Please, indicate the number where you wish to direct your donation to and we will keep you posted on its route. We will send you a detailed written report about the usage of your charity with pictures, copies of the invoices and bills.

  1. Support the daily operation of our home, rehabilitation and day care centre with the regular costs.
  2. Support the balanced diet of the children as we try to ensure it to be varied, full of nutrients, vegetables and fruits.
  3. Support new projects we plan and are excited about to run such as dance and drama group.
  4. Support travel expenses of the children who are taken to our centre from the rural areas by us for the rehabilitation. They come with their parents to take part in the therapies and then they are taken home.
  5. Support the medical needs of the children such as dentist, orthopaedic devices.
  6. Support the continuous training of the staff.
  7. Support the minor investments we could use for to buy a table, a chair, some clothes.
  8. Support major investments such as purchasing a property for the rehabilitation center.
Banca Transilvania is our local bank where you can send your donation:
Odorheiu Secuiesc
Str. Kossuth Lajos 1
jud Harghita, 535600
Swift Code BTRLRO22
Our account numbers:
There is also the possibility to donate by using PayPal.

Romanian citizens can redirect 2% of their income tax to the Orbán Foundation by filling in this form.

We also accept corporate sponsorships, donations from Romanian companies by means of Law on Sponsorship (32/1994), with no negative impact to the bottom line: directing up to 20% of the profit tax due, but no more than 0,5% of the turnover (limit increased from 0,3% starting from January 2016). Please, contact us for this possible contract.